If you are getting married and looking for a wedding videographer in Tuscany, you will find it helpful to look at examples of real weddings. Many of our videos are made in Tuscany but not only. Living in the heart of Italy, it is quite easy for us to move throughout the center as well as the north and south. Over the years we have been fortunate to make videos for hundreds of couples from all over the world, weddings of all kinds, from large luxurious events to small intimate weddings to elopements with just the bride and groom. Each left us with wonderful memories and enhanced our experience in the industry. Each couple, with their family and friends, have remained in our hearts and reviewing their videos still moves us as much as it did that day

On this page you will find a wide selection of “trailers”, which are the shortened version of the “film”, which for privacy reasons we cannot publish, but which is the main product we deliver, that is a long video of about 20/25 minutes with all the best moments of the day. Enjoy them and if you like them, maybe we can be the wedding videographer in Tuscany that you are looking for.

Go to Service if you want a brief description of our “all-included” package or maybe you can write to us at info@vertigowedding.com, or you can go to Contact Us. In addition to email, you can write us on Instagram, WhatsApp or call us at +393395295917.