If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding in Arezzo, get inspired but our videos. Arezzo is one of Tuscany’s leading cities, not only for its historic center, famous worldwide for being the set of the of the Italian award-winning movie Life is Beautiful, but also for the wonderful hills that surround it, where rustic farmhouses and ancient villas still enjoy the magic of yesteryear, and where hundreds of couples each year plan their destination wedding.

On this page you will find a selection of “trailers”, which are the shortened version of the “film”, which for privacy reasons we cannot publish, but which is the main product we deliver, that is a long video of about 20/25 minutes with all the best moments of the day. Enjoy them and if you like them, maybe we can be the wedding videographer in Arezzo that you are looking for.

Go to Service if you want a brief description of our “all-included” package or maybe you can write to us at info@vertigowedding.com, or you can go to Contact Us. In addition to email, you can write us on Instagram, WhatsApp or call us at +393395295917.