Liguria offers some of the most picturesque places in Italy. From the capital city of Genoa, rich in history and culture, one of the most important cities in the history of Italy, to the wonderful and picturesque Five Lands, small colorful villages overlooking the sea, rich in traditions and small streets where you can get lost among small stores and restaurants, not to forget the famous Portofino, with its famous piazzetta full of charm and luxurious stores. If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding in Liguria, get inspired by the videos we made in this wonderful province.

On this page you will find a selection of “trailers”, which are the shortened version of the “film”, which for privacy reasons we cannot publish, but which is the main product we deliver, that is a long video of about 20/25 minutes with all the best moments of the day. Enjoy them and if you like them, maybe we can be the wedding videographer in Liguria that you are looking for.

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